Who The Fuck Is Anubis Unit?

It is said that in the heart of darkness, one can find light.  A million kajillion years ago, God sought the Ultimate Sound, for whatever reasons It had to do so.  This single-minded desire is what led to the current day and time.

With the Corporate Machine ruling all from within the center of planet Earth, controlled by Satanus itself.

Who is Anubis Unit?  This is a tale that will take some time to tell.

It is a tale of music and steel, brotherhood and violence.  Ours is a tale that spans the entirety of the planet, to the realms of the afterlife and the Neververse, and to whole other dimensions.

From Banghead to Seattle, ours is a tale that will cross the sea of stars to smash you directly in the face.

Hear our music.

Hear our tale.

Find the power within yourself and loan us your strength.

We are Anubis Unit.

And soon you'll know why.