Arcana: The Fool

Soulforged Weapons: The Black Hand, Megaphonic Blade

Power Level: 500 Screaming Babies

It is said that in every darkness there is a spot of light, in every truth the seed of a lie.  A million, kajillion years ago God sought the Ultimate Sound.  It was this single-minded desire that gave birth to all of existence and to the tale as it stands today.

Does this tale begin when a particular drone lay on his death bed, filled with regret and rage at the life he had led?  No, but it was with his dying breath that he did the one thing no other drone had done so, his drone's mask breaking at the very last second.

Does this tale truly begin when JDW wandered the byways and highways of Hell?  Does it start when he trained with the Black Dragon, the forgotten and lost nemesis of Satanus?  Does it begin when JDW defeated the demoness Aphrael, Satanus' head concubine, and took on the title "The Man With The Black Hand?"  Was it when he discovered the secret gateway to a new dimension where the power of Heavy Metal reigned supreme: Banghead?

Did it begin with the First War in Hell, or the revelation granted to JDW by God Itself?

Or did it truly begin when JDW beheld the greatest power of all, what may or may not have been the Ultimate Sound after all?


The tale is what it is, and it's not inexactly -when- it began that's so important as it is the -why-.

And the tale, as all good tales, has only just begun...




Arcana: The World

Soulforged Weapon: The Hammer And The Drums


Power Level: 350 */0 baby geniuses

Before Audiogenesis, there lay darkness.  Fathomless and beyond black, a profound darkness of absolute non-existence.

And yet, within that darkness entities writhed and fought.  Abstracts and Absolutes, that which would become the building blocks of reality later on. 

And one of the first to awaken, at the behest of the Ultimate Sound, was the absolute percussive beat. 

GASM is the name of this beat, and this beat took form.  Blunt as fuck and quick on the timing, GASM gained awareness and sentience, consumed by an ultimate hunger: to seek out those who will fulfill the destiny of the Ultimate Sound. 

And so did GASM find himself on a far-flung spitball of a planet, the natural order torn asunder and rent to pieces. 

For it was there that the beating heart of Heavy Metal called to him. 

And with it, Anubis Unit~!




Arcana: The Tower

Soulforged Weapon: Alchemist beakers, Transmutation, Bass Blaster

Power Level: 1000 screaming bottles of baby soda

Once upon a time, there was a drone who wasn't really a drone.  He lived the life of a drone, outwardly, and lived up to the Grand Design of Satanus as put forth by the Corporate Machine.

He had a family: a wife and two kids, a dog and a house with a white, picket fence.  He had a boring job, working at a Megacorporate facility.

He watched the news and drank at a bar.  He argued the same arguments, agreeing with his fellow drones, regarding the instances of controlled media.

But what no one knew was that, late at night, he never needed sleep.  The Alchemist had solved that problem years ago.

Born with a strange fascination for the bizarre, Ultramancer had secretly worked with chemistry sets as a child in order to satisfy his curiosity.  From there came an intense need to know more about the world...the TRUE world.

And with it came success.

He learned of the First War in Hell.  He learned of the secret war of the Ultimate Sound...and with it, the secrets of Heavy Metal.

He read the Book of Brocephalus, and wept with rage at what had been withheld from himself and his progeny.

So it was that he donned the cloak of the Antivillian, seeking to cause as much trouble for Satanus and to rage against the Corporate Machine.

Until came the day he heard the sound Call for him.

Thus he made a decision - to the depths of Hell he would go.  There he would find the Avatar of Heavy Metal and, securing a safe place for his family, fulfill the destiny he would create with his own hands.

The Divine will learn to fear the hands of Man, especially one on the edge armed with arcane, alchemical knowledge...and empowered by the holiest of Heavy Metal!