Arcana: The Fool
Power Level: 500 Screaming Babies

It is said that in every darkness there is a spot of light, in every truth the seed of a lie.  A million, kajillion years ago God sought the Ultimate Sound.  It was this single-minded desire that gave birth to all of existence and to the tale as it stands today.

Does this tale begin when a particular drone lay on his death bed, filled with regret and rage at the life he had led?  No, but it was with his dying breath that he did the one thing no other drone had done so, his drone's mask breaking at the very last second.

Does this tale truly begin when JDW wandered the byways and highways of Hell?  Does it start when he trained with the Black Dragon, the forgotten and lost nemesis of Satanus?  Does it begin when JDW defeated the demoness Aphrael, Satanus' head concubine, and took on the title "The Man With The Black Hand?"  Was it when he discovered the secret gateway to a new dimension where the power of Heavy Metal reigned supreme: Banghead?

Did it begin with the First War in Hell, or the revelation granted to JDW by God Itself?

Or did it truly begin when JDW beheld the greatest power of all, what may or may not have been the Ultimate Sound after all?


The tale is what it is, and it's not inexactly -when- it began that's so important as it is the -why-.

And the tale, as all good tales, has only just begun...

(GUITARS: Derrick Mays)
Arcana: The World
Power Level: 550 Enraged Babies

As one progresses from the eldritch tale of the Regretful Drone, one would find a new tale, one that best befits our modern times.

The tale of the Enraged Drone.

This Drone, like all Drones, lived as a Drone would and should.  Unbeknownst to the Corporate Machine, Satanus, or the System itself, this Drone one day stumbled upon an old book of alchemical power and means.

Progressing through this dusty tome, the Drone one day accidentally pierced the veil of reality and beheld Truth.

The Truth ,as it always does, drove him mad.  Not mad as in insane (though there's that too!), but mad as in thoroughly, utterly enraged.
So it was that the Drone took up the mantle of the Alchemist and the powered suit of the Antivillain, fighting the modern system in order to awaken his fellow brethren, but alas - it was not enough, not enough!

The Truth spoke of an older power, one that fought before his time, and so thusly was it that RAMSEY: THE HATE TWISTED sough it out, spurred on by the call of Heavy Metal and darker tidings.

And so, thusly, did his story begin....

(DRUMS: Andy Kalaand)
Arcana: The Tower
Power Level: 750 Crying Babies

Back in the day, all was well.
The Satanus to the Earth fell.
In the heart of it all
It placed the Corporate Machine
And bemasked the first humans

But there was a time
Before the Exile
But after the Fall
And during the temptation
Where a snake was stolen

A single snake
Is how it began
And with the lie
The feud to be lit
And a king grew tired of this shit

For such misrepresentation
Andyconda, King of the Snakes
Would seek retribution
And with his guitar he would stride
with Anubis Unit, on Legion's might

(BASS: Eli Paxton)
Arcana: The Strength
Power Level: 499 Blood-Maddened Babies

Once, it was believed that the Avatar of Heavy Metal would be found on Banghead, one who would cross the oceans of space and time to discover the secrets hidden by JDW in the bowels of Hell where he lay frozen, blocking the path between the two worlds.

So many contests and tournaments were held, all to discover this so-called Avatar.

And no matter how hard they tried, the Avatar was never discovered.

Until one day, a young Bangheadian, freshly blooded and without instrument, heard the Sound, the Call of Heavy Metal.  Making his way, alone and without fanfare, to the golden gates of the Everhard Holy Site, it was there that the young Bangheadian found his destiny: a column of light pierced the heavens, and the hellish Bass that would be His slowly lowered into his hands.

Playing the glorious notes of music within him, Megabass began his journey to Earth, spurred on by purest Heavy Metal and the wild call of the Alchemist and Romani who needed him there the most.

Arcana: The Death

We are Battle Gods, transcending mortal boundaries to destroy and devour all that would stand against us.  We are on a mission from God, to bring forth the Ultimate Sound and, ultimately, destroy the Corporate Machine, set in the heart of the world.

What darkness awaits our ill-fated, misbegotten heroes?  Keep up with us and find out!